Theodosia, Mo and Theodosia Marina is about 12 miles away.





— Acreage With Distant View of Bull Shoals Lake—





In Arkansas Ozarks

120 tree covered acres


80 acre on Hilltop

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Bull Shoals Lake is in view from these two large, timbered acreages


There are no wells or streams or buildings on these two properties.  The 120 acre and 80 acre tracts both have a lake views and in places is adjacent to the Corps of Engineers property. In Marion County Arkansas but on the Missouri boarder.  Asking $2,000 per acre.



The two properties are circled in red in the top, left part of the above map


The below picture is a blow-up of the top, left corner



Jones' point (see area with red lines just below the red circle) is

Fed property,  but leased to Game & Fish for game reserve use...great for hunters.





These pictures were taken from a high point on each of the two properties

to give you a feel for the perfect place to build your home.


These grand views make it clear that this is a prime hunting area






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