Ozark mountain property in Izard County, Arkansas. 


Ten acres of forest and open ground with garden area. Even a hillside to build a bunker in. The property is remote & surrounded by mountains. Ideal for a place of safety, community or private retreat deep in the Arkansas Ozark mountains!  Ever-running spring that can provide water to an existing home set overlooking a large creek that runs year-around.  Can be off grid but electric already there.  There is a great 2 or 3 acre garden area. Between Mountain View and Melbourne, AR. A great property for survivalists, preppers and homesteaders.  Would make a quiet, peaceful vacation get away.

asking $40,000












            ON 10 ACRES

        NEAR Melbourne, AR




                                                          Izard county

                                                          In Arkansas Ozarks.

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116 Lyons Creek

Melbourne, AR 72736



                     The hillside is on the property                                                      A view of the creek and a wooded area

  • The creek runs the full length of the property. 

  • You have to cross it to get onto the property. 

  • The creek can be crossed any time of the year because the creek bed is solid rock.

  • There a very nice wooded hillside on the property! 

  • It also has a rock ledge you can sit up under.

  • The hillside is covered in trees. 

  • A bunker could be cut into that hill side and probably never be seen. 



  • An old house was removed from this spot.  The septic tank is old and needs to be replaced. 

  • The water source for the house was a spring. 

  • A new pump  is available for pumping spring water if requested.



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