how should Christians vote in 2008, lesser of two evils, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, third party, write in candidate, Republican, Democrat, religious right, conservative, liberal, Hillery Clinton, antichrist, anti-Christ

President  by  Default?

An article by Kenneth Uptegrove

Edited by Lora Uptegrove

(((See Article on election By David Ravenhill below)))


[ In retrospect I wonder how many Christians that did not vote, or that voted for Obama can now see how foolish that was.  Tell me that McCain would be as horrendous as this President. We shall now reap what we have sown, and I would not be a bit surprised if he is not reelected in 2012. Repentance / judgment is in order. And preparation for the future we are now faced with is also in order. Read this article on the way the Lord called me to prepare (physically, mentally, and spiritually) years before I ever even heard the name of our current president. (Author's observation as of March 11, 2009)]

In the four gospels Jesus did not speak against Rome or slavery, but He did speak out against the religious leaders of Judea. He said to give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, meaning taxes even though the tax was unjust and spent in ways contrary to the will of God. Jesus seemed to be more concerned with sin in the Kingdom of God than sin in the kingdoms of men.

EDITOR'S NOTE: While at a 5 AM prayer meeting on election day (Nov 4, 2008) my wife, Lora, got this insight: "I got my answer at that meeting as to why last week I heard in the Spirit that this week 'the church will rejoice.' In fact, without me saying anything, that very subject came up during the prayer time, and it was what I needed to hear to let me know I had not missed something. It had nothing to do with what I wanted to hear, or my interpretation from my intellect. This is what was impressed upon me: it is 'the  church will rejoice'. In other words, those who He sees as truly His...will rejoice in HIM at this time and not be swayed by what the election outcome was. And that was truly the spirit of the Tuesday meeting...rejoicing in Him, being secure in Him, no matter what will happen around us."

From this line of thought wisdom says we are to fulfill all civic duties expected of American citizens, which includes paying taxes and voting. Of course it is legal to NOT vote, and illegal to not pay our taxes, but I am talking about Christ mandates, not the law of the land.

We know that Bible prophecy says that all world governments and society will fall to the antichrist system, so to be both wise and meek at the same time, we are compelled as citizens to vote...but vote in a way that will frustrate the antichrist’s agenda, and further the Kingdom of God as much as possible … until Jesus comes to replace this temporary tyrant with His eternal kingdom.

Rather than focusing on what the antichrist system is doing, we need to keep our eye on what God is doing in the Kingdom of God. God's Kingdom is always victorious, no matter how fierce the dragons that rages around it. But the religious right as a political group seems to have their eyes and their hopes in the wrong kingdom.

There are no Ronald Reagan's in this election year, but the Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, is perhaps equally conservative. And lest we forget, all the Democrat candidates are far more liberal (secular humanistic) than any of the Republican candidates.

Among the lesser of two evils, ANY choice for president on the Republican ticket is better than, or not as bad as Barack Hussein Obama (who is more socialistic and secular humanist than Hillary).

In a Constitutional Republic, in the most Christ centered church, and in any area of life we have only humans to work with. Imperfect humans! Some are sinners saved by grace, and the rest are of their father, Satan. And when was there ever a PERFECT candidate for us to vote for? Ronald Reagan was a Godsend, but he wasn’t perfect.

Consider the options. If we get real cynical and NOT vote at all, or vote for a third party (or a write in) candidate we will thereby ASSURE the worst possible result. Third party votes, write-in votes and no-votes almost always take away from votes for the Republican candidate, allowing the Democrat to win by default. Will we vote for the most electable or the most acceptable candidate? A leader may not be a "godly" man, or even approved by the "religious" community, but God is able to fulfill His will, is He not?

Some may argue that true Christians will never vote for “the lesser of two evils.” They say TRUE Christians can ONLY vote for committed Christian politicians, acting as if politicians were pastors and that America is still one nation under God. By this logic, TRUE Christians should not pay taxes (and some don’t). But remember that Jesus said to, “Pay unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s,” meaning taxes … and voting.

Looking past our options and ideals, we can see the best (or least evil) option left to select from, and that is to vote for what option comes the closest to our ideals.  In a long hike, walking 9 miles is more ideal than walking 10 miles, an option we can welcome. 

Romans 13:1,2 says be subject to the governing authorities, but whom puts them into power, either His people or his people.

Romans 13: Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. 2 Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. 3 For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; 4 for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. 5 Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience’ sake. 6 For because of this you also pay taxes, for rulers are servants of God, devoting themselves to this very thing. 7 Render to all what is due them: tax to whom tax is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.

People forget to read verses 3 & 4 sometimes. However, in punishment for the sins of a people, or for other reasons known to Him, God allows evil rulers to have authority for a time, as OT prophets frequently testify, ideally, God grants authority to serve good ends.  Verse 4 when government officials use force to restrain and punish evil, they are not doing wrong, Rather, they are God's minister (servant) and are doing good.

Just a few ideas.

The notion that we need to punish the Republican Party by showing them they do not own us is about as futile a notion as I have ever heard. Our black brethren have learned that about the Democratic Party that feels they own the black vote. Watch Black bishop E. W. Jackson make that point loud and clear at:

 Political parties will not learn a thing, even after a dozen losses, because Bible believing Christians wouldn’t back their candidates. They just don’t get it. Conservatives, the Republican Party, our nation and the world gets more socialistic, more secular, more anti-Christ (Liberal) every decade, not less. Only the true church of Jesus Christ stays faithful to Yahweh and His Holy Word (the Holy Bible), and I wonder about some Christians sometimes.

Wisdom says…

By holding to our convictions, Christians in the religious right may very well —by default— vote Barack Hussein Obama into office. God forbid! Tell me THAT is Godly! Tell me that WAS Godly!

When there are no good options left, then only undesirable solutions are left.  The lesser of two evils is our only option in such times, and it seems to me that we are now in such a time. The argument that, "To vote at all is to condone the evil that pervades all government," ignores the wisdom to use the strategy to at least slow down the run-away train before it wrecks.  A few survivors is better that (not as tragic as) no survivors.

I am not going to campaign for any candidate in 2012, but I will vote for the Republican ticket (as I have for 40 years) in order to slow down the impending Socialist train wreck. God will not hold me responsible for the sins and error of whoever wins the office, or give me any rewards for any holy or righteous deeds that president might perform. God only holds me accountable to be a responsible citizen and vote, and apply the wisdom invested to me through maturity and living a Godly life.

I am not a Republican or Democrat or independent, I am a Bible believing conservative who identifies with the religious right. But:

Even in the religious right, our social, political, and theological views are very diverse and at odds with each other. Despite all our self-righteous rhetoric, we are one in name only. We do not have one spokesman or voice. So I am forced to more specifically identify myself as a Bible believing, Christ centered Christian. But even there we have diverse Christian groups making the same claim. Again, no single spokesman or organization represents us. Where are our spiritual leaders today? Praise God, we have Jesus!

Even so, there is a good reason for every conservative and Evangelical Christian to vote Republican these days, no matter how poor our choices seem to be in this election cycle. No matter which Republican candidate were to win, he would not be very likely to veto any legislation that conservatives got passed in the Senate. Barack Hussein Obama would veto any conservative legislation in a dragons breath, and would do all he and his ultra-liberal cohorts can conjure up. A ten-to-one chance is better than no chance.

The fatalists … the defeatists (who are sure nothing can be done) seem to be in a rush to embrace the inevitable. But if it is inevitable, why not waylay the “inevitable” for as long as we can? Why not redeem the time left to us by evangelizing, raising our children, and having more time to prepare for the future physically, mentally, and spiritually?

For those who say Christians should not be involved in things of the world, meaning politics and government in this case, let me point out that there has always been a lot of politics in religion and a lot of religion in politics. If we could get the politics within denominations removed, and the politicians who are Reverends saved (Huckabee being an exception), then we could walk our talk.

Our responsibility as Christians is to proclaim and perform the will of God to the best of our ability. That means to speak out against evil, and to be a part of any positive area of ministry we can. Heal the sick, comfort those who suffer loss, feed the poor, proclaim salvation in Jesus Christ...and vote for the best outcome that is possible.

If in dire times the only food available at the grocery store was bread that was one-week old, two weeks old, and three weeks old, I would pick the one-week old bread. I do not enjoy old bread, but I won’t starve either. Not getting any bread because all the choices are bad is a sure road to hunger and starvation. I think we are approaching dire times. What do you think?

I hope this is an encouragement to us all to vote, and put our vote where it can count the most to keep Hussein Obama out of the Whitehouse.

God judges where a nation is at spiritually and gives a people the leader they deserve. We must decide to engage ourselves in the right of collective self-defense against unprovoked aggression from the anti-Christ system in America. The election outcome will reflect the spirituality of the religious right.

There is no social, economic or political solution to the ills of society. Christ is the only solution, so my advice is to urge all Christians to pray for our nation and our churches, asking God for His will to be done on earth (in America) as it is in heaven.

We need to employ wisdom in this season, and understand what is happening around us. Our nation is in a precarious time; to be swayed by emotion could bring us results we would be sorry for, for some time to come.

Through wisdom a house is built, And by understanding it is established. Pro 24:3 

Wisdom is found on the lips of him who has understanding, But a rod is for the back of him who is devoid of understanding. Pro 10:13

 How will you vote? As a Christian, it is as much your civic duty to pray for those in authority as it is to vote!

By the way, God can use the worst candidate by calling the nation to pray for them. 

If we are to "Sing the Swan Song" let us be cleaver like a fox and write ourselves four verses to sing, not just one or two! Let's not take the loser mentality, but put on the Mind of Christ.  Jesus is our hope, or Lord, who takes us through all hardships and hard times.  I read the last page in the Bible, and it says JESUS WINS!  PRAISE THE LORD!

Are you praying for the candidates and the nation?


One reader said, "This article, President by Default, was well written, complete thought achieved, illuminating point made...... thank you very much!"

What are your thoughts about how Christians should vote?

how should Christians vote in 2008, lesser of two evils, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, third party, write in candidate, Republican, Democrat, religious right, conservative, liberal, Hillery Clinton, antichrist, anti-Christ

Strength in (Small) Numbers

Although lesbian, gay, and bisexual activists are among the most vocal of any special interest group, they are also one of the smallest. Far from the 8-10 percent figures that some cite, the number of homosexuals in America is only 2.9 percent of the 18 and older population, according to researchers from Hunter College. One author of the study, Professor Patrick Egan, says that the media typically cite the number of homosexuals based on voter exit polls. That's a mistake, Egan insists. "Exit polls are based on the people... who show up at the polls. Gays and lesbians vote much more consistently than the general population," Egan concludes. Although homosexuals may be in the minority, they have a "disproportionate impact on the political process." In almost every political category, they outwork the average citizen. They volunteer, write letters to the editor, contact government officials, and protest more than most Americans. That feat is even more impressive when you consider that not everyone in that 2.9 percent is an activist for homosexuality, meaning that an even smaller fraction of homosexuals is forcing its agenda on the nation.

People who say they are Christians and are opposed to special rights for the gay crowd make up over 50% of the population, but what percent of them/us vote and speak out on social issues?

how should Christians vote in 2008, lesser of two evils, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, third party, write in candidate, Republican, Democrat, religious right, conservative, liberal, Hillery Clinton, antichrist, anti-Christ

Get Thee Behind Me Satan!

By David Ravenhill 


If you are unfamiliar with the words of this title, let me remind you that they were spoken by Jesus in response to Peter's rebuke of him. Ahh! Now you recall the incident. Jesus has just asked the disciples what people were saying about him. "Some say you are John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah or one of the prophets…" they explained. Jesus went on to tell them that he was going to Jerusalem where he would suffer many things, including the fact that he would be killed. Peter immediately rebuked him for his 'negative confession'. After all, this was the last thing the disciples had in mind for their beloved master and potential King.

There is little doubt that the disciples fully expected Jesus to overthrow Rome's dominance and reinstate the Kingdom to Israel by some miraculous display of power. This talk about suffering and death was the furthest thing from their minds. They were looking for a coronation, not a crucifixion. They were anticipating a time of celebration, liberation, and restoration. Not a season of suffering, rejection and opposition. Following his rebuke to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan!" Jesus added, "you are a stumbling block to me; for you are not setting your mind on God's interests, but man's".

Could it be that the Lord is saying the same thing to the American Church? Like the disciples of old, we have had our hearts set on a Republican 'coronation'. We prayed earnestly, fervently and passionately that God would answer 'our interests'. Numerous prophetic words circulated that God was about to turn the tide of popular opinion and give us what 'we' wanted – King McCain and Queen Palin.

I'm absolutely convinced that God has His best interests at heart, and that no amount of pleading on the part of the Church is going to change HIS mind. Seldom if ever does the Church thrive during times of prosperity. God warned Israel over and over again that after giving them the Promised Land that they would soon forget him. America has forgotten their God while enjoying a land that 'flows with milk and honey'.

Yes, things are about to change. I believe we are heading into some rough weather. A major depression looms on the horizon, not to mention a growing movement of hatred against the Church. We have seen only the beginning as an estimated one million gay activists took to the streets recently in protest of their rights to gay marriage. We are going to experience increased pressure from society to accept more and more of their liberal values as the norm. Rejecting them will only further their hatred of the Church. Another time bomb is the growing threat of the militant Muslim agenda already at work throughout our nation.

Jesus warned us about these things by stating "You will be hated by all nations for my name's sake". We refused to believe him, believing instead that as Americans we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that will come to our defense. Times are changing. America is changing. The Church needs to prepare for persecution, suffering, opposition and rejection.

By now some of you are about to rebuke me for my negative talk. Let's face it. Whose interests are we really concerned about? God's or our own? I believe the Church's best days are still to come. There is nothing like opposition, rejection and persecution to fertilize the growth of the Church. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a sadist who delights in torturing myself, nor do I sleep on a bed of nails or wear a horse hair shirt. I am , though, sufficiently familiar with God's Word and His ways to know that He will do whatever is necessary to bring forth his purposes. Even if that means putting his interests before our own.

It's time for some of you to read again the Prophet Habakkuk. This prophetic intercessor cried out repeatedly for God to intervene and do something. Israel was filled with violence, destruction and every type of evil. Everywhere he turned, he saw justice perverted and the Law ignored. Feeling that God was ignorant of what was going on he reminds God repeatedly of what he is seeing. He even seems to blame God for not listening or caring. God eventually responds that He is at work and is raising up the Chaldeans. Habakkuk can barely believe what he is hearing. Let me interpret this for you if I may. Intercessors all over America have been crying out for God to do something, believing that God would turn the nation toward McCain. Instead, God says, " I am doing something. I'm raising up Obama."

The last three verses of Habakkuk are so timely for the American Church.

"Though the Republican Party does not win, and there is no hope of a future conservative Supreme Court. Though the Senate and Congress are controlled by the Democrats and taxes will go through the roof. Though we may well be entering another Great Depression with huge unemployment, and the rationing of food due to famine…..

YET will I rejoice in the Lord
I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.
The Lord God is my strength
And He makes my feet like hind's feet,
And He makes me walk in high places."


how should Christians vote in 2008, lesser of two evils, give unto Caesar what is Caesar's, third party, write in candidate, Republican, Democrat, religious right, conservative, liberal, Hillery Clinton, antichrist, anti-Christ

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