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owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas

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Ozark Real Estate
For Sale By Owner

Many Ozark Mountain properties
ideal for Preppers & Homesteaders

Ozark Ranch Off Grid
for sale by Owner

Secluded 575 acre ranch ideal for
Preppers & Homesteaders

Price dropped to $245,000

Enchanting Castle, Creek & Waterfall

Three-story house (designed with security in mind), garage/workshop, well house/shed, carport/shed, greenhouse.  Also has propane tank for the emergency propane lighting that is installed throughout the home.  

 Also for cooking, clothes dryer .  We have a well on the property.  The water tower collects rainwater from the roof; intended primarily for watering the garden, but usable for anything.

Two bridges (suspension foot bridge and driving bridge). 2667 square feet house on wooded 7.66 acres. Near Winslow, AR.

Asking price is $295,000



A unique property, this Ozark Mountains country castle sits on 7.66 woodland acres in Northwest Arkansas.   It is on a paved-road 20 miles south of Fayetteville and 35 miles north of Fort Smith.

This enchanting castle home has 2667 square feet – 1 to 3 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, with modern amenities throughout. It has 2-inch thick solid doors and 1-foot wide concrete walls: a veritable fortress. The creek running through the front yard – spanned by a 70-foot long steel/wood plank bridge – attracts abundant and diverse wildlife.

Four decks plus a native stone & wood gazebo provide excellent places to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.   A vegetable and fruit garden, surrounded by an 8-foot high fence, has a greenhouse and a 500-gallon water tower. Outbuildings include a garage/workshop, a well house/shed and a carport/shed.   A sun room overlooks the natural waterfall on the side of the castle. The kitchen/dining area has native stone and a woodstove.  The kitchen has a propane range/oven, and propane-powered emergency lighting is installed throughout the home.

Located just off Scenic Byway 71, the property is on the edge of the Ozarks National Forest - making it well-suited for hunting and fishing. It is rural (nearest gas station/convenience store is 3 miles away), but still accessible for business, social and cultural activities as it is only 20 miles away from Fayetteville.  

There are no words to tell you about the many, many wildlife encounters we've had here in the national forest. We have hundreds of photos and hours of video: deer (trophy bucks abound), bobcat, razorbacks, bald eagles, hawks, owls, ducks, geese, raccoons, armadillos, turkeys, coyotes, foxes, black bears and others.

For preppers and survivalists: in addition to great gardening (the climate allows for at least two harvests per year) the area has plenty of ranches and farms providing a direct source of fresh food.   There are many lakes and rivers nearby for fishing (as well as canoeing, water skiing and swimming).


Property tax: $685.00

Asking price is $245,000


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Views of the house and garage.


View from garden – showing 500 gallon water tower
and second floor deck

On a paved road - Whitehouse road/highway 74 - Just off highway 71 between Brentwood and Winslow, Arkansas


Our regular yard guests

We have lots of pictures we can share of our friendly critters


Kitchen & Dining Room -750 sq ft Third floor bedroom (third floor also has bathroom, two walk-in closets and a spare room) 


Sunny Office With a View

Corner of living room looking into kitchen



Laundry room – second floor, next to master bedroom and bathroom Full bathrooms on second and third floors – basically the same; half-bath on first floor. Garage and Art Room. One-foot wide concrete walls: a veritable fortress.


Greenhouse in Garden Well house/shed and carport/shed Path to Garden Area


Just Had to Show More of Our Deer Friends

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 Call 479-502-1789







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