owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas

  • Ranch Style Home

  • on 2.25 acres

  • 1,154 sq ft.

  • In Benton County at Madison county boarder near hwy 127

  • Three bed, two full bath

  • Three 5 x 5 walk in closets

  • Two car garage

  • Near Hobbs Park
    and War Eagle Mill
    and Beaver lake.

  • Altitude: 1,250 ft

  • Asking $110,000


         COUNTRY  HOME  ON  2  ACRES













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From the north end of the house you can see the shed, the generator and dish antenna and Jacuzzi. 

About 3 ft into the forest  --in the back yard-- and for the full length of the 2.25 acres the trees there goes with this property. 

The doors and shutters are now Forest Green and are not orange any more.




Due to a mouse infestation we removed the dry wall in the kitchen and in the ceiling in every room, along with all the insulation.  Then we purified all the rafters and studs to remove all smell.  Rebuilding the place has us in a financial situation.

We ran out of money! 

Living in an apartment while paying a mortgage and working on the house is breaking us.  Our apartment in Springdale is 32 miles west of our house way out in the woods.

Most of the walls are covered again, but none of the ceilings are.

New wood flooring in the living room, hall and the two main bedrooms and walk in closets.  The flooring is a beautiful, high quality, engineered hardwood, dark walnut.

New flooring --China tile--  intended for the kitchen and dining and utility room, along with the the foyer and office and full bath and walk in closet is not laid down yet.  All of the quality tile is stored in the garage.  The 12 x 12" tile for the kitchen area is gray.  The marbled, white ceramic tile for the office and foyer is 18" x 18".

New kitchen cabinets (still in the crate) are in the garage, but no counter was purchased.  The hot water heater was detached in order to remove the tile and to put in a drain pan.  But it would be advisable to buy a new hot water heater.

Bring a contractor with you (when you come to view the place) to tell you how much it will cost to get all this work done.  But they will estimate the cost to be around $4,000. The variance in price will depend on the kind of insulation you install, the paint you select, etc, and how much the contractor charges for their work.

Now, please look at the pictures to see what this house can look like again.




Generator and Propane tank.  This generator turns on automatically when the county electric service drops, and can power the whole house.

Garage is wired for high voltage arc welding.

This equipment is no longer available

Jacuzzi and lighting on back of garage





Hall leads to two bedrooms and a full bath.

There is a ceiling ventilation fan in the hall.

Wood burning stove can be purchased separately.

Coat closet on one side and linen closet on the other.


Living room flows in to dining area Dining area flows into kitchen and foyer that opens into the breezeway.


Kitchen flows into utility room where washer and dryer,
furnace/AC and hot water heater are located.
Master bedroom has two windows and a 5 x 5 walk in closet.


This bedroom is on the front side of the house.  The walk in closet is 5 x5 ft.

This can be a third bedroom or an office.  The visible door is to an all tiled, full bath with a walk in shower.  This room also has a 5 x 5 ft walk in closet.






Garage is set up for a wood burning stove (can be bought separately).  Has a 4 x 8 wood work bench and cabinets.


  • Ranch Style Home

  • on 2.25 acres

  • 1,154 sq ft.

  • In Benton County at Madison county boarder off of hwy 127
    3 miles and at end of gravel road.

  • Three bed, two full bath

  • Three 5' x 5' walk in closets

  • Two car garage

  • Fenced in garden

  • 250 gal Propane tank

  • Near Hobbs Park
    and War Eagle Mill
    and Beaver lake.

  • Secluded, scenic, very quiet

  • Altitude: 1,250 ft

  • The roof and siding was replaced and the garage and another full bath were built 7 years ago.


  Asking $110,000


For More Information

 Call/Text: 479-502-1789



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