Historical S.W. Iowa Farm For Sale




far from any town...

out in the hinterland

This historical farmstead was built prior to 1856. In later years it became a stop for the underground railroad.

Asking $235,000

  • 4 bed rooms

  • 1.5 bath


















— On 32.65 Acres —


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Boundaries of farm outlined in blue.  Adjacent to the farm is this very backward town where time seemed to have stopped.  Population: less than 36 very friendly people.


A view of the house and pasture from west end


The farm is 28 acres fully fenced in woven wire to hold chickens, turkeys, geese, sheep and goats. Cattle are horses too of course. Its hard to find that many acres that are "water tight" 32.65 acres total with many fruit trees, berries, plants like asparagus, horse radish, herbs the list is to long to mention. There are 3 mushroom gardens with other wild varieties everywhere.

Land owner hunting license comes with the place. River is 1/8th mile for fishing, we also have a pond that was stocked. Many eatable water plants at the pond as well. There is a hand pump about 1 mile from the house that the town maintains with good spring water. If your pipes ever freeze up or well goes bad, that's where you go to get water, the town pump. Our well and pipes have all been re-worked and replaced. No rust or metal flavor anymore and no freeze ups anymore. Well is darn near still new. Maybe 7 or 8yrs old. New septic, new leach filed, new insulation, new tilt in easy clean windows, new just about everything major.

 Pasture is really the pride and joy of the farm. Every year until the GMO thing happened I would add no less then 3 new seed types to the pasture. For over 15yrs every Feb I would go out and cast seeds on the snow. Now, I have no idea how many thousands of plants are out there. Wild mustard, radish, turnip, garlic, onions, as well as legumes and grasses. There is a complete spring crop of wild oats. You harvest, or mow and bale 28 acres of oats, and then have 1-2 more cuttings of herbal pasture depending on how much you graze the land and if you want winter graze. I run 2 horses, 1 3K lb Longhorn steer and 150 head of sheep and goats and still get 60 1 ton bales spring and fall.

Land here is 5K - 9K an acre, I went with the 5K and 70K for house and out buildings


owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas

Spring pools in fenced pasture

 There is also a natural privet spring/creek that only exists on the land.
During drought the water falls turn into a trickle, but still exist.

owner financed real estate in North West Arkansas

Home showing the deep shade under these huge old trees

The photo on the right was taken mid day. This shows how shaded the home is. Thus you rarely need to use any air conditioning at all.



Lets Look Inside the House for a Moment



Kitchen.  Stove goes with the house

Dining Room

Living Room

Down Stair Full Bath

Up Stairs Half Bath

Walk In Closet


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The pictures come alive --especially the living room-- when you expand them.




Old Carriage House Leather Shop

Pole Barn With Hydrant




Come back tomorrow to see:

Many more pictures.  Gardens.  Fruit Trees, a lot more description of the property and area.


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