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We are now developing an Intentional Neighbor Christian Community somewhere deep in the  northwest corner of Arkansas beautiful Ozark Plateau. 
Our community is hidden on 345 acres with a creek that runs year-round and has two ponds stocked with fish. 

This is a vision being fulfilled… right now!

People are coming daily. 

We are looking for like-minded Christians who are being led of the Lord as we are (being like-minded), so we can encourage and assist each other.  We would love to hear from you if Yahweh is calling you to this kind of prophetic, end-time ministry.

We define Intentional Neighbor Christian Community as a housing development for like-minded Christians in a very isolated, Goshen safe zone in a country setting.  Our intentions are to eventually be able to be totally self-sufficient in our ability to provide all our needs, physically, mentally, and especially spiritually.  Potentially we hope to be able to go off-grid before the eventuality of the grid going off for spirit-filled Christians.  But we will remain mission-minded, knowing that survival is about being able to serve and… in preparing the Bride of Christ in these prophetic last days.  Inbound compounds turn into self-serving cults.

We will live the agrarian, homesteader lifestyle that has sustained society well through the best and worst of times since the Ark landed in the Ararat mountains. We are just a bunch of quiet, gentlefolk, Neo-pioneers, friends, and homesteaders… not doing anything to draw attention to our community.

We are inviting like-minded Christians to join with us in one of two ways.  Some can buy land and build on it and even build cabins on it to rent out to those who cannot buy but can rent. Others need a turnkey operation, and we are able to meet that need as well. The cost of land and rent will include a fee towards funding the community facilities needed to serve us all jointly.  That will include livestock, greenhouse, tractor, barns & sheds, a clinic, wells, community building, etc.  All community members will be expected to serve each other in some capacity.

This invitation goes beyond doctrines and callings. It requires a love commitment to the community brethren… maybe a lifetime commitment… maybe a wartime commitment.  Even though our community is in a safe, serene sanctuary, life is still not guaranteed. We all can agree that the safest place on earth is in the center of God’s will for us, and outside of Jesus Christ, there is no safe place. Will we live for each other?  Will we be able to die for Jesus… and for each other? We will need to be completely committed to Yahweh and to our new family.

It may seem to some to not be enough time to do this, but this is when God chose to open this door, so we are very confident that it will be done on time.  Since we are in a hidden… a safe place we are safer here than about anywhere to build, to prepare, and to serve our brothers and sisters than anyplace on earth.

Land prices have jumped radically in our area.  It must be the unrest going on in our nation.  Anyhow, the average price for our community property is $5,0000 per acre for anything over 20 acres.  Anything less than 20 acres is $10,000 to $8,000 per acre.  The cost of running water and electricity, etc, is a variable based on terrain and distance and such. 

We have a covenant that protects our people.  If a member has to sell their property the community will buy the land from them and sell it so as to protect the integrity of the community.   Another committed, like-minded Christian will be found to buy this property.

The cost of renting and buying will depend on the size of the accommodations of the house and land.  In that respect, it will be like in any town.  The difference and advantage we offer is the intentional choice of living in a whole village of Christian neighbors.  And with the added advantage of living in a safe and beautiful countryside far from town.

Consider joining my Yahoo forum [See the Forum menu button] so you can stay informed. 

And consider calling me so you can tell me your vision and what you would like to have… if and when you actually come.  It is always wise to come for a visit to see if your spirit bears witness that this is where the Lord is sending you.

Call me, Ken Uptegrove, at 479 502 1789 any day after 1 PM. 

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If you would like to know more about any of this go to our CONTACT US page.