48.7 Acres

Across the road from

Lake of the Ozarks


It has a new well, electric running to it, two pre-fab garages (one enclosed, one not) and a single-wide trailer with a garden tub and all appliances. Trailer's in touch shape, floors are slightly warped but livable. Septic tank is 750 gallons and installed 10 years ago, never used. Paved roads to the driveway.

$50,000 Negotiable








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Across the Road from Lake of the Ozarks

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 48.7 Acres In The Ozarks

Near Warsaw, MO

And Lake of the Ozarks

The 13.7 and the 35 acre lots can be sold separately.


The 13.7 acres are zoned commercial, so taxes are slightly higher (though way-cheaper by city standards).

The 35 acres are in woods and hills, perfect for hunters, and has never been timbered.

The 13.7 acres with mobile home is aching for development and would be a perfect place for a bait-and-beer shop. Anglers and Spoon Billers descend in droves several times a year and the property has never been hunted. Plenty of morel mushrooms too!

Chocked full of deer, turkey and small game, this property is directly across the road from the Brown Bend boat ramp and access point, which has bathrooms, paved parking, a fishing dock, boat ramp and 24 hour lighting.  See pictures of Brown Bend below.



     The two adjacent properties are above Brown Bend Rd (that white line).

     The mobile home on 13.7 acres and the path leading to it is very visible in the upper, right corner. 
     The 35 acres is to the left.  And across the road is Brown Bend boat ramps and Lake of the Ozarks.


The red boundary lines mark the two adjacent properties.


-Find no. 16 and 13.7 Ac and the white square in it-

-Find no. 11 and 35 Ac to the left of the 13.7 acres-


No actual lake frontage, but it's just a stone's throw away.  The big selling point is: the 13.7 acres has commercial zoning and buildings, and is directly across the road from the popular Brown Bend boat ramp/access point to the Lake of the Ozarks.


The two properties are adjacent but can be bought separately.


The 35 acres can hook onto my utility pole on the 13.7 and has a perfect flat hilltop (with a view) for building. Running a water line to my well is an option as well (cheaper than digging a new one) and the 35 acres has the majority of the timber that can be harvested.


Property taxes are under $300 a year


$50,000 Negotiable.  The price has been dropped from $75,000 to $50,000 to get a quick sell.




There is a mobile home in need of some repair on site, as well as two prefab garages, one enclosed and one open, that I use for storage. A pole barn covers the mobile home and is very sturdy and could easily be walled into a proper barn.

The trailer is in poor condition and not very photogenic (needs new sub floor in master bedroom and master bath and new carpet/flooring in kitchen).

A deep well was drilled 12 years ago and a 750 gallon new septic tank was installed. Power runs to the property and it is on.

The electric is off of Bagnel Dam, which is independent of the power grid. As long as water runs from Truman Lake to Lake of the Ozarks they'll have power.

Neighbors of surrounding property are very nice and keep an eye out. When I send you the map of the layout you’ll see how secluded it is (one way in or out) and that roughly a thousand acres of undeveloped woods and hills surround the property. Perfect spot for preppers or a small hobby farm. Pasturage for goats or sheep (best for goats, due to the underbrush and rocky hills). My land is in a distant corner of the county that is virtually ignored by officials, and better yet we get our electricity from Bagnel Dam’s hydroelectric and that’s the safest part of the power grid there is.

Located about 30 minutes outside of Warsaw, Missouri, which is the nearest good-sized town and grocery store. Nearest gas station is about 10 minutes away.

You’ll love this little slice of heaven in the Ozarks!




Right click on pictures to enlarge them



          Two out buildings                          View from gate at street          View toward the gate and street


The property is heavily wooded.

Chocked full of deer, turkey and small game.

Has never been timbered.  Lots of Oak and Hickory.




Views of Brown Bend dock area taken from the red metal gate



After all those drab winter pictures we just had to sneak in a spring shot of a Dogwood tree





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