–575  Acre –

 Cattle and Horse Ranch

You Can Own This Ozark Mountain Ranch


  • NW Arkansas Ozark Mountains

  • 1965’ Elevation

  • Security gate

  • Lakes, springs, ponds

  • Incredible views!  

  • Additional adjacent property available










Own this private mountain all to yourself 

in the beautiful Ozark region of NW Arkansas


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Acts Model Community

Beautiful Ozark Retreat
for sale
By Owner

For people interested in
self sufficient living

Ozark Real Estate
For Sale By Owner

Many Ozark Mountain properties
ideal for Preppers & Homesteaders

Ozark Plateau

Safest area on earth
 to live in?


This 575 acre Working Ranch in the Ozark mountains has it all –


Our 2 houses sit on a long “bench” facing westward at approx. the 1750’ elevation.


Ideal For Ranching and Hay Production



  • Cattle and horse ranch.

  • Bail your own hay

  • Wild game and gun range.

  • Fishing in the two small lakes.

  • Springs, lakes, ponds, trees, hay production meadows, generator, barns, homes.

  • Private Vacation home, Retreat spa, Hunting club for corporations and large organizations, Spiritual retreat, Aviation air club.

  • Ideal for self sufficient living -- the perfect bug-out location.

  • Many other activities to chose from in open spaces and rustic surroundings.

Serene, Scenic, Isolated,
Peaceful Living


  • Located on a private mountain top in the beautiful Ozark region of NW Arkansas

  • The land is pristine, isolated and remote without being too isolated. 

  • The Ozarks are known for having an abundance of rain, lakes, rivers and springs. Beaver lake is near by.

  • A large house and an adjacent guest house, all in excellent repair. Incredible views

  • large metal barn and other out buildings

  • Deep 1,000 ft. well, two lakes, three year around springs, 12 ponds

  • Fenced pastures, hay production meadows, forest

  • Huge propane powered 100 KW generator, 3 large propane tanks for house and generator

  • Ideal location: located a short distance from highway 412 between Huntsville and Harrison, Arkansas

  • Incredible views, much more

  • About 600 more acres of adjacent property can also be arbitrated for. Ask for a copy of our PDF map if interested.  Ask for a copy of our PDF map if interested.



  • Centrally located in the USA

  • Far from all boarders and oceans

  • High elevation and mountainous

  • Enjoys southern climate and hospitality

  • Property Area: 575 acres (fenced/cross fenced)

  • Coordinates: 36 06'08.33" N/93 28'22.26"W

  • Property Elevation: 1,717' -- 1,965' Above Sea Level

  • Ask for a video presentation which provides the Google map coordinates


LISTING PRICE: $1,695,000.00



Built on 575 acres of pristine real estate and overlooking a stunning, picturesque valley, this ranch
offers spacious accommodations in two beautiful homes, in a private mountain top setting.



Patio With a Mountain Top View


                              The Ranch House and two car garage                                                         The guest house with 3 beds and baths with a living room, dining room and kitchen



Located on a private mountain top in the beautiful Ozark region of NW Arkansas, this ranch is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Built on 575 acres of pristine real estate and overlooking a stunning , picturesque valley, this ranch offers spacious accommodations in two beautiful homes, in a private mountain top setting. 

The owner drove my wife and I around  his ranch on four wheelers for hours and we still didn't see it all – what fun! Ideal place for ranching or for community!



The main house:

Built from native stone, the 2700 square foot main house boasts a number of refurbishments including a $60,000 new roof with lifetime metal shingles, a custom kitchen and beautiful island, a new office/bedroom addition with a large wooden outside deck, a fully functioning living room fireplace and a brand new wood burning stove. A top quality sound system delivers high fidelity music throughout the residence. Has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

This Ranch is a unique real estate purchase opportunity. Perfect for corporate seminars, organizational retreats, or a vacation getaway for the discerning buyer. If you ever dreamed about having your own private mountain, this is your chance. Time is short, so contact us today for more information



Kitchen with a large picture window



Views of the spacious living room with a real wood burning stove





               Office with huge picture windows and view                                       The office opens onto this large wood deck with a panoramic view




Master bed and bath



Another bed and bath in the ranch house


The Guest House:

In perfect compliment to the main house is the 3 bedroom/3 bathroom 1704 square foot guest house, constructed in 2001. Highlights of the guest house include stunning custom make double front doors, and a long covered front porch with ceiling fans and rocking chairs, perfect for relaxing in the cool mountain air.

Both the main house and the guest house were recently remodeled. Central air and heating, copper gutters and downspouts (main house only). individual septic systems, and numerous other unique attributes.



Cool air, refreshing silence, beautiful setting, far from the cares of the world



Living and dining area in the guest house



Here are two of the three bed and bathrooms in the guest house





The entrance to this ranch is located at the end of a quarter mile drive, and is protected with a security gate and camera system, offering both privacy and peace of mind.



Quarter mile roadway to monitored security gate


Accessible by land or air:

A 3/4 mile area of unobstructed land at the top of the mountain is perfect for a potential rural air strip, allowing easy access for corporate and private aircraft. The closest commercial air ports are in Harrison, AR and in Branson and Springfield, MO.

Regarding the airstrip, please know that it is simply and area on top that affords what appears the possibility of an airstrip given the level nature and approx. linear distance. We’ve had 2-3 different people who are familiar with these tell us that and one actually has an airstrip on his mountain. We’ve never gone past this point in any firm engineering on this. It would take some civil engineering but it looks like we have about ¾ mile of a linear distance for this purpose there.

One of our nearby neighbors owning a mountaintop parcel to the east of us appears to be building or has built a small airstrip that can be seen on Google. But we want to be perfectly clear on what we have done or not done. It is all “potential”.


Generator and Well House:

A huge propane powered 100 KW generator is located adjacent to the houses, and is capable of providing electricity for up to 3 weeks. In addition to this, 2,000 gallons of local propane storage supply gas for heating the main and guest houses as well as fueling the main house kitchen stove. One end of the shed is the well house and the other end houses four wheelers... four of them.

A 1,000 ft deep well provides a 30 gallon per minute efficient water system that is supplied by the famous Rubidoux reservoir, known as one of the best in the region.





Water Resources -- Lakes, creeks and Springs:

Given the extreme drought conditions of parts of the US in adjacent states to our ranch, the ample water recourses we enjoy in our region, and our property in particular, are proving to be as valuable as ever before. A quick research of US drought Monitor Maps will confirm this critical resource situation. (http://droughtmonitor.unl.edu/)



The two spring fed lakes are in view of each other and stand at the highest elevation of the ranch... at 1965 ft altitude


Three primary spring outlets provide backup water, and a 1200 gallon storage tank ensures continuous water flow year round from these springs. Water flow is outstanding throughout this Ranch and surrounding mountain area thanks to numerous natural springs and the Dry Fork Creek, which runs through the lower elevations of the property and empties into the Kings River.



Year around spring by bridge

Primary Spring Box 

 1200 Gallon Spring Storage Tank



Cattle/Horse ranching:

This ranch has historically been a working cattle ranch. It is completely fenced and cross-fenced and ready to go for this purpose. The same can be said for horses and the use of the ranch for a dude ranch operation.

Our total parcel is 575 acres purchased in 2 transactions. The original 400 acre parcel was a former cattle ranch and is completely fenced and cross-fenced. It appears to all be in very good condition and the entire section up and down on the west side has been recently improved even more from our neighbor to the west who is running 40 head of cattle. The second 175 acre parcel adjacent to the north and northwest has much good fencing but there are sections that need to be repaired if one were going to run cattle.

The barn has stalls and a tack room with water and electricity.



The barn has stalls and a tack room equipped with water and electricity.



Strategic, Idealistic Location in America:




  • Centrally located in the USA

  • Far from all boarders and oceans

  • High elevation and mountainous

  • Enjoys southern climate and hospitality

  • Property Area: 575 acres (fenced/cross fenced)

  • Coordinates: 36 06'08.33" N/93 28'22.26"W

  • Property Elevation: 1,717' -- 1,965' Above Sea Level

  • Ask for a video presentation which provides the Google map coordinates

  • The Navy and NASA have established that in every physical sense
    the Ozark plateau is
    the safest place on earth



Gun Range

The long distance target for the gun range is approx. 2,500 feet.  It is the longest straight shot we have on top of the mountain. Over the years it has been the primary practice range for one of my sons and his friend from nearby. This friend of his is considered one of the top 5 expert sniper marksman in the US who travels nationwide and wins most of his competitions. Of course there are numerous other shooting locations that are much shorter and that we’ve used over the years.  The highest elevation on our property is right at the shooting bench mentioned above and is approx. at the 1975’ level.



Gun table and 2,500 ft. shooting range sits where the two lakes are



Buffalo River

This  ranch is only 5 miles "as the crow flies" from the Buffalo River National Part, America's first national river established in 1972.  The 150 mile long free-flowing river offers both swift-running and placid stretches, towering limestone bluffs, and protected wilderness areas for canoeing and hiking.



North West Arkansas has it all!  

The national HQ for Wall Mart, Tyson Foods, J. B. Hunt Trucking, along with NAX National Airport and theBeaver Lake in Arkansas Ozarks University of Arkansas, Beaver lake, are all within easy reach while living in the scenic, tranquil Ozark mountains.  For your regular shopping and entertainment, several towns are close by.  Namely Harrison, Berryville, Rogers, Fayetteville, Springdale, & Bentonville.  Resort towns, such as Branson and Eureka Springs, are also just a half hour to an hour away. This is the most prosperous area in all of Arkansas.  Veterans will be pleased to hear that there is a VA hospital in Fayetteville.


The Ozarks proudly boast four distinct seasons, all about equal in duration.

Spring could be considered the most beautiful of all: the dogwoods and redbuds can be counted on to take you by surprise. You might not truly know how the term "spring green" originated until you spend time here in March and April. You’ll even catch glimpses of the new crop of fawns, or be treated to a wild turkey mating display. Summer is nice and hot, so you’ll be constantly tempted to leap into one of the many bodies of water nearby. The consistently cold White River is world-renowned for its rainbow- and brown-trout fishing, while the smaller Kings River is perfect for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, camping and swimming. The clean, deep Beaver Lake and Table Rock Lake are great for all types of water recreation, especially water-skiing.






To see a professional picture presentation of this property call or email me


Listing Price: $1,695,000.00


Interested parties must give a minimum of 72 hours notice and be pre-qualified prior to any on-site visit


Call me (Ken Uptegrove) at (479) 502-1789 for more contact information and pictures


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