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Several articles on end-time preparation

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The Mother of All Conspiracies
Satan’s system is the mother of all conspiracies

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  Eschatology (The Study of End Time Events)  


C. Peter Wagner and Chuck Pierce make up Global Harvest Ministries which regrettably has worldwide connections and influence among many leaders.

Dominionism: Trojan Horse In The Charismatic Movement


Dangerous Eschatology Teachings
You Need To Know About

The subject is Eschatology: the study of end-time events

What Is The eschatology Behind This New Move of God? (In Lakeland)

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  Miscellaneous/Archived Articles

Synopsis of the End Times:
A look at the popular eschatological beliefs of today

by Mike Morrill

Mike Morrill was able to chat with many of the advocates of the various eschatological positions just to make sure he was stating their position accurately.  Mike tried to be neutral and fair to each view. Our thanks to Mike for this easy to understand study of all the schools of Eschatology.  Here is Mike's updated version as of Dec 2009.

CLICK HERE to read this PDF file

Does God Still Speak To Us Today?

The view that I am presenting in these articles states that “the Holy Spirit era” (or church age) started on the day of Pentecost and will continue without change until the Second Coming of Jesus.

Anarrowway's Blog

Article by Lora Uptegrove, Ken's wife


Lora states: many years ago I had numerous experiences with new-age practices, meditation, yoga, and suffered the consequences. Had I not been relentless to find truth in my life, what I had been involved with would have destroyed me. God heard the cry of my heart, and saved me out of all of it…He is the faithful One. (read more of her testimony)


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Articles On:

  The Coming Economic Depression and the Socialistic Politics that will Accompany the Depression

The Mother Of All Conspiracies

Many prominent economists and theologians tell us a depression is coming to America. Is a conspiracy behind this coming depression?  Satan’s system is the mother of all conspiracies, and he is using them to establish his anti-Christ system, wittingly or unwittingly.

--Socialism And The Antichrist--

Antichrist Introduced Socialism
In The Garden of Eden

Liberals are Socialists, and Socialists are Secular Humanists, and Secular Humanism is an antichrist system. Socialists are always for big government and higher taxes, and they are pro abortion, and pro euthanasia.  Look at the majority of the European nations.

Democracy Countdown,
How Long Do We Have?

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government." "A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. "From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship."

Read Our Statement of Faith 

Although I have a passion to see the Great Commission fulfilled, my major focus and calling is to play my part in preparing a glorious Bride for the coming Bride Groom. 

Being a revivalist rather than an evangelist, my ministry emphasis is on the need for revival in the church.  Not until the church is operating in all the provision that God has set in place for her to evangelize with, can the church bring the lost to Christ  on the scale we all wish to see.  Not until we are truly following the Acts model for the church can we ever hope to be the Bride who has truly made herself ready for the Bride Groom.

God is calling the church to exceed the purity and power of the first century church. And even more importantly, God is preparing a glorious Bride who has focused on nothing else but preparing herself for the Bride Groom, the Lion of Judah, the everlasting King! My mission is to teach and exhort all who will listen, to be ready for that day.

Summary:  We are non cessationist, Pre Wrath eschatology, and most identify with ministries such as David Wilkerson and Rabbi Jonathan Cohn.   We list several ministers and sermons we recommend.


Articles On:

  Self Sufficient Christian Community, Preparing for the Coming Economic Depression


PAGE 1:  THE WHY: Why Prepare For These Prophetic End Times?

PAGE 2:  THE WAY: ArkHaven's Intentional Neighbor Community  Concepts 

PAGE 3:  THE HOW: How We Propose to Prepare for these Prophetic End Times

PAGE 4:  THE HISTORY: Our 40 Year History and Testimony behind ArkHaven


Preparing for the Crash of the Dollar

 With things the way they are in the world; ie: economy, politics, etc....one does not need to be spiritually discerning to notice that economies are about to crumble.  It's not prophetic at this point, it's observation. :)

The Story Behind ArkHaven's Name

The Lord impressed me to call North West Arkansas a "Green islands of survival."  I believe there are other such green islands, but the Lord sent me to this specific one.  There have been many prophecies and visions that show this is indeed a green island of survival.  Such notables as Corry ten Boom and Nora Lamb had dramatic open visions while here that told them this is a divinely protected place.


Articles by Guest Authors
on Christian Community

Jeanette Reed

David Wilkerson

Corrie ten Boom

Swarna Jha

Larry Burkett

David Ravenhill

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Divinely Protected "Safe" Areas Shown in:

Portions of Maine, Vermont, and Quebec Portions of West Virginia, Kentucky, & Tennessee, & Portions of Missouri & Arkansas

Divinely Protected "Safe" Areas
Shown in:

Portions of British Columbia, Washington, Montana, & Idaho Portions of Colorado, New Mexico, & Texas

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