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God is calling multitudes of


 to the Ozarks to prepare...

for this time of social, economic, and spiritual breakdown
of American society... in these end-times. Learn spiritual
lessons on why and how to prepare. The “where to
prepare” is the Ozarks, and the “when to prepare” is
now… last year!







           JESUS IS THE ARK

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.  ---- 2 Timothy 3:1  


Articles for
Christian Preppers Christian Community

How to prepare for these End Times  physically, mentally and especially spiritually. Community and intentional neighbors concepts



New Apostolic Reformation Deception

Articles on

NAR, Partial Preterist,
 Dominionist Movement

Articles On


  • Does God Speak To Us Today?

  • When The Perfect Comes

  • The Partial Will Be Done Away

  • Surprising Bible Manuscript History


Church History Articles Insights

  • History of Premillennialism

  • The First 500 Years




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