The Purpose of Life is Preparing for Eternity

You WILL spend eternity somewhere. And whether you know it or not, you are preparing for your place in eternity right now.

Desiring love and a family is good in YAH’s eyes. Gaining a career and retirement is a worthy goal. But all this is so temporary… so interim, so passing. Isn’t there more to life than this?  As someone once pointed out, “We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience”. Can we all agree that it is critical that we prepare for our eternity?  We only get one shot at it.

We had no choices in our birth and death, but we can choose our eternal destiny. The eternal God –who created all that is– gave us life for this purpose alone. To choose or reject Him. He prepared a place for those who accept Him and another place for those who do not. Life is that simple.

If there is any purpose in our lives it is to prepare for eternity. Leonard Ravenhill said: “This life is a dressing room for eternity – THAT’S ALL IT IS!” Ref: 1 John 2:15-17″

Eternal life with Him is beyond our understanding of thrilling words like love, peace, and joy… immeasurable.

Eternal life in His absence is beyond our understanding of bleak words… like isolation, eternal separation, and torment. No light… no sound… no sense of existence. Grasp –if you can– being absent from your familiar body and locked in an eternal nothingness… a catatonic madness. Is this what the self-seeking rebel wants? Mat 5:29, 10:28, 16:18.

Some will serve eternal God. Some will serve their terminal self, fallen angels, and Gnostic philosophies. Thereby denying and rejecting the omniscient and omnipresent God revealed in the Bible.

Mixing gods is rejecting Yahweh, the creator of all that is. The term, “God” is not a name, it is a generic title for a deity that could be applied to all false gods. Mankind has given all their false gods’ names, and the One True God has declared His name to be Yahweh! Of course, He is known by many other names that describe our Heavenly Father’s many attributes. But, to the point, God has a name, and it is proper to call Him by His name. (John 1: 1-5)

Clearly, the purpose of life is to prepare for eternity. Success is measured in treasures we have laid up in eternity, not here in this lifetime. Chose this day whom you will serve, God or self, for you may not have tomorrow to change your mind… your eternal destiny.